Golf & Food Packages

Golf & Food Packages

The perfect start for your day out or a highlight at the end of your successful team-building event – our golf outing food packages offer something for everyone's taste.

Breakfast at the Turn

  • Crazy for cookies and macaroons – $9
    An assortment of homemade cookies and macaroons
  • Finger sandwiches – $8
    Cold cut, imported cheese and a vegetarian selection
  • Second breakfast – $12
    An assortment of fresh-cut fruits, butter, cream cheese and homemade preserves, Danish, banana bread, and croissants
  • Fresh and healthy – $10
    A fresh fruits and vegetable display served with fruity cream cheese, ranch dressing and blue cheese dressing
  • Chocolate obsession – $15
    Chocolate cookies, brownies and blondies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, hot and cold chocolate milk
  • Time for cheese and meat – $13
    Fine American and European cold cut and cheese served with crackers, grapes, nuts, and olives
  • Bavarian Pretzel traditional – $3.50 / with Brie cheese – $5 / Black Forest ham – $7
  • Traditional Bavarian pretzel with butter, pretzel with Brie cheese or original Black Forest ham
    American hot dog – $3.50


  • Eagle – $14
  • Barbeque chicken and slowly roasted barbeque spareribs
  • Potato salad and pasta salad, baked beans, corn bread
  • Homemade cookies and sliced watermelon
  • Birdie – $15
  • Cheese burger and pulled pork sandwiches, served on a warm, homemade Kaiser roll
  • Summer mixed green salad with ranch and balsamic dressing, primavera pasta salad and red-skin potato salad
  • Brownies and blondies, seasonal fresh fruit salad

Summer BBQ – $41

  • Cucumber salad, marinated grilled vegetables with yoghurt dip, arugula and pine nuts with Italian dressing, Golden Yukon potato salad
  • Focaccia bread and mini rolls with tomato butter and pepper-vanilla butter
  • Chicken and vegetables skewers, small rib eyes, salmon fillet with lemongrass, thyme barbeque sauce and Guacamole
  • Green asparagus, herb tomatoes, roasted fingerling potatoes, basmati rice
  • Rum marinated pineapple-strawberry skewers, watermelon with Ricotta, grilled bananas with chocolate chips

19th Hole Grill and Relax – $61

  • Bread station with herb butter-stuffed baguette, olive and sun-dried tomato focaccia
  • Green salad with homemade dressings, couscous salad, zucchini-pepper salad, potato-mushroom salad, pineapple-leek salad, and coleslaw salad
  • Grilled shrimp and lamb skewers, New York strip and rib eye steak, tuna in foil with cherry tomatoes, lemongrass and thyme, and salmon steak
  • Potato patties, baked polenta sticks, ratatouille vegetables, sweetcorn (season) with butter and thyme, stuffed zucchini with goat cheese
  • Desserts from the grill: bananas with chocolate, peaches with Graham crackers and cream cheese
  • Grilled ice cream, fresh fruit salad


  • Green and Healthy – $36
    Creamy arugula soup and a richly colored salad buffet with homemade dressings (ranch, balsamic and Italian)
    Vegetable tart, tomato mozzarella accompanied by a balsamic reduction and fresh basil, couscous and beluga lentil cakes on ratatouille vegetables
    Catch of the day with tomatoes and quinoa, poached chicken breast with a pineapple-ginger salsa
    Apple pie and carrot-honey cake
  • Pittsburgh Style – $41
    Garden lettuce accompanied by marinated olives, shredded carrots, cucumbers and blended cheese with grilled chicken tenders
    Beef steaks topped with crispy french fries and a choice of homemade dressings
    Italian wedding soup, hot sausage sandwiches on a toasted baguette, and hamburger served on homemade sesame rolls with sliced cheese, local tomatoes, red onions and pickles Seasonal fresh fruit pie and homemade cookies
  • Salmon and Co. – $44
    Cream of crab with jumbo lump crab and cream sherry
    Vegetable tempura served with sweet and sour sauce, home-made tuna sushi and sashimi, grilled salmon in herb sauce, shrimp skewers with a poached catch of the day
    Citrus fruit rice and Yukon Golden mashed potatoes, sautéed baby bok choy and season vegetables
    Brownies, blondies and New York cheesecake

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